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Infin8Africa drives innovative DCSG in collaboration with COMSOL

27/05/2021 - Infin8Africa, a leading South African Integrated Systems Innovator, spearheaded the Telecom Infra Project-incubated (TIP) Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) trials that Comsol Networks completed in their technology lab in South Africa. The partnership between Infin8Africa and COMSOL delivers next generation Cell Site Gateway deployments as it is relevant to the South African context and delivers on the promise of 5G innovation. The trial was conducted using Network Operating System (NOS) provided by IP Infusion, Edgecore hardware and integration services by Infin8Africa.

This innovative approach is a significant milestone in Africa and a big step towards cost reduction and enhanced experience for the end-user. Infin8Africa’s focus is to bring the best-in-class technology partners together to give customers more choice at reduced cost, and these trials have been a significant step in right direction.

“This disaggregated solution enables a more comprehensive, end-to-end holistic solution, helps carriers to reduce CapEx and offers the flexibility to select the suppliers of choice for their software and hardware. IPInfusion’s OcNOS has multiple new and legacy features to provide the best DCSG option for Comsol Networks,” said [Nigel van Tura, CEO,] Infin8Africa.

“The DCSG is a shift from the traditional way networks are deployed and being widely adopted to change the future of networks for service providers to meet their innovation and service’s needs” – [TIP]

“At Comsol, we believe innovation is important to provide the best services to our customers, and open and disaggregated technology like the TIP DCSG is a new and innovative solution in the way networks are designed and deployed” - Mauritz Lewies, CTO, Comsol Networks.

“The disaggregated solution offered by IPI and Edge-Core is a very cost effect and feature rich solution for the CSG function to circumvent vendor lock in and strengthen the disaggregated model put forward by TIP. All the required features; FRR, VPWS, VPLS, EVPN (MPLS Forwarding), and L3VPNs function as expected on the platform, additionally FRR was achieved in under 50ms which is exceptional. It will offer operators a valid carrier grade alternative to the traditional vendor options.” -Hanroux du Plooy, Infin8Africa CTO

“This successful trial of our DCSG solution is another proof point that our OcNOS network operating system accelerates disaggregated networking for service providers and delivers TIP-compliant and advanced services at a lower total cost of ownership,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO, IP Infusion.

“Edgecore Networks is pleased to have worked with Comsol Networks and IP Infusion on this disaggregated networking solution to verify the Edgecore open network switches in this TIP Community Lab trial. The Edgecore and IP Infusion combination is proving to be an excellent match for DCSG solutions around the world. We continue to provide open networking solutions for a wide range of use cases for optical, data centre, service provider and enterprise network operators,” said George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks.

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